Our story...

Nox was established in August 2012 in the quaint mountain town of Truckee, California, by owner Elizabeth Brotz. This eclectic yet inviting boutique was born out of Liz's love of fashion along with her belief that what we choose to wear can have a positive impact on our own health as well as that of the Earth. We pride ourselves on carrying natural fiber, eco-friendly, and sustainable clothing as well as USA-made gifts, accessories, shoes, and natural beauty products for our locals and guests alike.

Here at Nox, we are passionate about making women feel beautiful from the inside out, and are ready to help cater to your individual style. During her bi-montly buying trips, Liz hand-selects each piece for the store, always with an eye toward quality, ensuring that there is something new and fresh each week. Whether your personal style is classic, minimalist, bohemian, preppy, feminine, or borrowed-from-the-boys, Nox carries something for everyone.

And, in case you were wondering where the name "Nox" comes from, here are a few of its meanings to us:
1. nox noctis; Latin meaning "night"
2. Nyx; the primordial goddess of the night in Greek mythology, a figure of exceptional power and beauty, Roman translation of
3. nx; a unit of illuminance, equal to 1/1000 lux
4. a little black Labrador Retriver, once named (yes, Liz's dog)